Last night I received the following email from the organizing committee of AIRWeb2009 asking to disseminate the event:

Dear Edel,

Thank you again for agreeing to serve on the AIRWeb program committee. We have attached the AIRWeb CFP to this message and would appreciate your assistance in publicizing the workshop. The CFP is also available from the AIRWeb website – .

Best regards,
Dennis Fetterly and Zoltan Gyongyi

This is my third year as a PC Member of AIRWeb. It is a lot of fun reviewing manuscripts to be presented at the event, months before the new anti-spamdexing and anti-adversarial IR practices are disseminated to the general public. Some, spammers like to wait and follow what comes out of AIRWeb to then try workarounds. This is a continuos arm race and cat-mouse chase.

So, this post goes as follows:

AIRWeb is a series of international workshops focusing on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web that brings together both researchers and industry practitioners, to present and discuss advances in the state of the art.

AIRWeb’09 will be co-located with the WWW2009 conference in Madrid, Spain. The workshop proceedings will be made available in the ACM Digital Library.

Important Dates

6 February 2009: Deadline (optional, but helpful) for abstract submissions

13 February 2009: Deadline for paper submissions
20 or 21

April 2009: Date of the workshop

Incidentally, I am observing another new wave of spammers, marketers, and johnny-comes-late talking in “IR tongues” to gain some credibility from easy to impress folks. Ironically their audience mostly consists of their peer SEOs. I guess the fight against spammers disguised as marketers never ends.

I wish I can beat the crap out of all these self-proclaimed SEO “experts” every single day through this blog. Fortunately, I have better things to do like conducting research, advicing students, writing IRW The Newsletter, preparing a paper for SIDIM 2009, peer reviewing IR manuscripts, and (reality checks-to-pay-bills) taking on enterprise projects.