Early this year, students of my graduate course (Search Engines Architecture) used Terrier, an experimental search engine, in their lab lessons. I am still using Terrier for indexing and testing.

Few days ago Craig Macdonald from University of Glasgow sent me this new Terrier update. It sounds great, although I haven’t test it yet.

Terrier, IR Platform v 2.2 – 23/12/2008

Terrier 2.2, the next version of the open source IR platform from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) has been released.

This is a substantial update, which includes new support for Hadoop, primarily a Hadoop Map Reduce indexing system, allowing large collections of documents to be indexed in a highly distributed fashion. Also included are various minor improvements, including improved support for the IIT CDIP1 (TREC Legal track) collection, and various bug fixes. This is intended to be the ultimate release in the 2.x series.

Fuller change log at http://ir.dcs.gla.ac.uk/terrier/doc/whats_new.html

This will be my new toy to play with in 2009.