Fraudulent Web Analytics

This post is the monthly sneak preview of the next issue of IR Watch Newsletter, now in its new format.

In this issue, the featuring article pretends to raise awareness on some of the schemes used to defraud those that make business decisions based on Web Analytics. If you are an advertiser or investor, you must read it. Don’t be gamed by unethical marketers and spammers. 

The article exposes how some marketers/spammers engineer the fraud by gaming the wisdom of crowds. We expose how traffic fraud, click-through injections, and form injections are used within viral networks to produce bogus Web Analytics advertisers might be paying for or using to make critical decisions.

The Question of the Month column is dedicated to precision vs. recall.

In the Who is Who in IR section, the late Karen Sparck Jones is featured.

In the Top CS Departments, the CS Dept of Stanford University is featured.

We have a new column dedicated to historical notes on computers, search engines, and IR. In the current column, Hewlett-Packard origins are highlighted.

Last, but not least, more IR blogs and graduate theses are listed.

Now, some great news! Please keep reading.

We are currently in negotiations with a local university to co-launch an interesting start-up at the intersection of IR, search engines, and business research.

The way we see it, a bad Economy presents opportunities. The time is right for such a unique project.