I came across a 2007 graduate thesis that describes the Zeeker Search Engine. It is accessible at


I am happy to learn it quotes my article The Keyword Density of Non Sense and even republishes in page 9 and 10 two of my images from that article. While it mentions this author and the article’s title, no reference was included in the body or reference sections of the thesis so readers would need to search the Web to find the article.

Fortunately, the thesis mentions the importance of document linearization, a topic we discussed in the ‘KD Non-Sense’ article and that many SEOs still don’t get it.

The thesis is worth a read and explains in easy terms the Spherical K-Means and NMF algorithms. I believe it deserves to be nominated to the next issue of IRW. Read the thesis and let me know what you think.

A temporary holding page is available at


The music version of Zeeker is available at