Goodbye IRW. That’s right. After few years, IR Watch – The Newsletter has come to an end. Thank you for the memories.

Well, not exactly. 🙂

Welcome to the new version of IR Watch.

As mentioned in previous issues of IRW, we have redesigned the newsletter to conform to our changing times and needs. Instead of a single, long article about an IR topic, the new version consists of short sections. The main section is reserved for a two-page article about a topic at the interface of IR, data mining, and intelligence.

The other sections are intended to be powered by readers. This means that readers of IRW, IR Thoughts, and Mi can submit material for inclusion in the newsletter. Three type of submissions are available:

One-page articles
Nominations and Recommendations
Event Announcements

The following sections are available

Featuring Article – Main article on IR and data mining. Submit one.
Who is Who in IR – Nominate your favorite IR scientists with a short bio.
CS Departments – Feature your favorite Computer Science department.
Theses – For students, by students. Recommend a graduate thesis on IR or Data Mining.
Calls and Events – This section is reserved for call for papers and event announcements.
Blogs – For bloggers, by bloggers. Recommend an IR or DM blog for inclusion in the following categories: blog directories, organization blogs, researcher blogs, student blogs.

All these informational services are free.

We might be testing other sections as well. As its predecessor, subscriptions are free of charge, at least for the time being. The first issue of the new IRW goes out in October 1, 2008.

Over the years, readers have requested back issues. To cover operational costs, we have been forced to institute a $20 fee for any back issue request. Back issues of the old IRW are also available for the same price.

Another feature of the newsletter is the announcement of illustrated tutorials on IR and DM in …(shocking!) EXCEL. The spreadsheet templates do all the math, so tutorial users won’t have to.

Stay tuned for additional details, because there are more reasons for subscribing to IRW.