Hackers that market themselves are fully getting into the crime scene.

We have seen marketers getting into hacking and vice versa: hackers getting into marketing. Designing web pages that rank high in the search engines for the sole purpose of using these to spread malicious resources and tools is one example. We call them hacketers = hackers + marketers.

Now hackers are getting physical.

Back in March, 2008 it was reported how hackers were causing harm to folks suffering from epilepsy. Some usability and accessibility marketers are using those incidents to better promote their own services a la your-problem-is-my-opportunity.

Other marketers are creating reputation management problems and then ‘go back through the kitchen’ to market “reputation management” solutions. A scam not any different from the click fraud scam promoted by marketers part of a mob organization. Hah, Hah.

Now, we have the news of a hacker allegedly kidnaping and torturing another alleged hacker.

These probably are the first cases of hackers physically hurting others.

What is next? Google worse than ISP Snooping? –as AT&T claims.

Some times controlling information is worse than physically controlling others.

Ah, the many faces of opportunism.