We are happy to learn that Dr. Deepak Khemani from the Artificial Intelligence & Database Research Group at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India is using our SVD LSI tutorial as lecture material for his course: CS625, Memory Based Reasoning in AI. 

Another investigator, this time from the cancer research field, congratulated us for the LSI tutorials. Jaime Fernandez Vera from Structural Biology and Biocomputing, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas, Madrid, Spain wrote (contact info removed):

Estimado Dr. García:

Muchas gracias por poner a disposición de la Comunidad sus magníficas guías prácticas y, en especial, la de LSI que es la que he seguido.

Un abrazo,

Jaime Fernández Vera

Biología Estructural y Biocomputación Structural Biology and Biocomputing
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas

Our LSI/SVD tutorials are also listed in huge repository of LSI research resources.

For additional IR resources quoting our tutorials, check the following link at


Talking about LSI…

Spammers disguised as ethical SEOs and that promote LSI crap are now hidding. There is less talking on the blogosphere on “SEO LSI” and “LSI-friendly SEO Optimization” myths. As we always say, these crooks are a black eye to the ethical sector of the search marketing industry.

Their signature seems to be the promotion of crap tools and services like Keyword Density tools, Markov Chain generators (if you believe that crap), TFIDF rarity calculators, “semantic page strength” estimators, lookup lists based on “LSI operators”, etc. What will be their next effort at misleading the public? Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) tools?

However, in an effort to save face, the usual suspects are still making gymnastic wording. They are desperate. It is clear that our efforts at exposing these crook marketers through IR knowledge are working.

Many are learning why they should stay away from the incorrect knowledge promoted by marketers that ocassionally use IR jargon to pretend they know what they are talking about. They often do these IR-like talking attempts to promote their image as “experts” before either naive or ignorant followers. We still cannot assess the dumbers, if the snakeoil sellers or their groupies. They even game each others.

When we expose SEO myths from their competitors they praise us as long as the debunkig works for them, but when their own myths are exposed they get angry at us. Ha, Ha.


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