A grad student asks (name omitted):

Dear Dr. Garcia,

I’m interested in developing a Porter Stemmer for the Irish language.

Would it be possible to send me your lecture notes for Porter Stemmer
development from your graduate course?

I am doing an MSc thesis on developing a search engine for TEI marked up
multilingual texts and hope to use Apache Lucene as a basis.

Thanks for any help,

MSc student,
UCC, Cork, Ireland.

Thank you for reading this blog and for emailing me, but I normally don’t release lecture notes. However, the lecture was based on Martin Porter’s site, which can be accessed by visiting the following link:


You might also want to check the Porter2 Stemmer:

For stemmers in other languages, check the Snowball site:

The great thing about the Porter stemmer is that it has been written in many programming flavors and languages.