Graduate student David Petar Novakovic ( ) , who conducts research in LSI and few other great areas at the intersection of IR, NLP, and AI wrote me to mention that he is almost finishing his grad thesis. Thanks, David for referencing my tutorials on LSI/SVD in the thesis. He also submitted a reduced version of the paper to EMNLP. Congrats, David. We are so happy for you.


There is something funny about SEOs that sell snake oil ( ) They get angry to their bones when we expose their myths and lies through IR knowledge, but they seem to praise us when we debunk the myths and lies of other snake oil sellers that compete with them. TFIDF, markov chains, LSI, and keyword density are few examples. Ha, Ha. I’m so glad efforts like AIRWeb, EMNLP, and others are here to stay.

The following links provide additional information about AIRWeb and EMNLP