Search Engine Architecture

How much do you know about the architecture of a search engine?

The current issue of IR Watch – The Newsletter is out (finally!).

It consists of a Theory and Practice Test I prepared for graduate students taking my Search Engines Architecture course. As such, it deviates from the format used in previous issues of the newsletter. I thought it may be used to assess how much readers know about the architecture of a search engine. If you are an IR student, the test will probably help you to review basic concepts. In fact, the test is intentionally long since it was designed to serve as a comprehensive review. The actual exam is slightly different in terms of length and content.

In This Issue:

Early Architectures
First/Deep-Breadth Crawlers
Search Agents
Forward Index
Inverted Index
Query Servers
Front/Back-End Servers
Posting Lists
Search Results
Search Modes
News, Research, and Events
Terms of Use and Copyright

Note to Students: The final exam will be on 24th and is a Theory and Practice examination. Bring with you the tools developed during the course (web crawler, parser, stemmer, Terrier, query normalizer, etc). These will be used during the test. If you still own me a lab, be sure to turn it in this saturday.