The current slump in the US and PR economy and so many local employers giving pink slips induces me to think of the importance of pink keywords.

These are keywords one would use to optimize resumes and job applications.

Now than ever recruiters, middle management, and HR departments need to look through zillion of resumes, looking for specific clues in the form of pinky keywords. This means that resumes and job applications must be optimized for such terms.

The best way of finding good pinky keywords consists in selling to employers their own crappy ads and job offers; that is, by scanning employment ads, job offerings, and classifieds relevant to the target position one is interested in and then using the target terms in your own resume. Another thing one can do is to expand these with related or contextual terms; of couse, using those that match your own experience and skills.

I see here an opportunity for ethical SEO companies to provide a valuable and noble service: Pinky Optimization. At the same time I see an opportunity for crook SEOs and spammers to prey on other people’s misfortune. Since many in the seophere have being disposed by fat cats and sold(soul)-outs, these folks are also job searching. Life ironies.