From time to time I receive unsolicited emails from SEOs offering me their services, to list my site in the major search engines and directories. They often send templates-like automatic messages (“Dear website owner”) and appear not to even bother to check if recipients need the service. 

These SEOs often look desperate and sound like snakeoil sellers and crooks. They even claim to be better than other SEOs.

They often pitch the same crap:

  • “I recently visited your site” (Really? Why then send this crap?).
  • “you are not listed in the top search engines and directories” (Really? How do they know?).
  • “we can increase your traffic by X astronomical amount” (Really? Could you double X for me, please?).
  • “we can help you get top rankings in Google” (Really? For which keywords?).
  • “our link building program” (Really? Read here link exchange and link spam).
  • “we have proprietary crap, blah, blah, …” (Really? Sell it or get a patent!).

I just received one of such emails last night, even when my site is known in the IR/SEO spheres and has been listed for many years in the top search engines and directories, and ranking well.

Dear website owner,

I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in many of the major search engines and directories. If our company can increase your traffic up to 500% by getting you top ranking results on the search engines such as Google would you be interested? We specialize in link building content writing and programming. We have proprietary techniques that work better and are less expensive than any other SEO firm.

Please let me send you a proposal and show you how we can make your website profitable.


Christian Frank

CA 91362-1361 – USA

These are the type of companies that give a black eye to the SEO industry. If SEOs send you this type of crap, I feel your pain. Stay away from their businesses or whatever they claim or seem to offer.