Here is a video of my presentation, Demystifying LSI, at the OJOBuscador Congress 2.0, Madrid, Spain, 2007. One year later, nothing has changed. Many of the same crook SEOs exposed during the congress are still deceiving the public about what is LSI.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video and lights are not good enough to see the pdf slides, plus the presentation is in Spanish. Since attendees were not scientists, I talked very slow for over an hour.

Want to get bored for the next hour? View the video.

Thanks to N. Valenzuela Alonso, Director of SEO and Search Engine Marketing of Media Bit, S.L. for the link (www.ithinksearch.com/2008/03/31/video-lsi-de-edel-garcia-desmitificando-lsi/).

Here is also the presentation of Carlos Castillo (Chato), from Yahoo! Research Spain:

Adversarial IR with Web Spam, parts 1 and 2 

I spent great time talking with Carlos, a former grad student of Ricardo Baeza-Yates.

Baeza-Yates, Andrei Broder, Gerald Salton, and Keith van Rijsbergen and few others have helped to shape what is today known as Information Retrieval Research

Talking about Andrei Broder (one of the main researchers behind the old mighty Altavista), here is also a great interview, thanks to ojobuscador site: