AIRWEB organizers have instructed me to disseminate the following Final Call For Papers and deadline extension. Let’s fight the spammers and those disguised as SEOs.

We have extended the submission deadline until March 2, 2008. We would appreciate any assistance in disseminating this extension. The text version of the final call for papers is below and the pdf version is attached.

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Carlos Castillo
Kumar Chellapilla
Dennis Fetterly

FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS and 9 day extension
Fourth International Workshop on
Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web


02/March/2008 : Deadline for research articles
31/March/2008 : Deadline for challenge submissions
22/April/2008 : Workshop at the WWW 2008 conference in Beijing, China


1. AIRWeb’08 Topics
2. Web Spam Challenge
3. Timeline
4. Organizers and Program Committee


Adversarial Information Retrieval addresses tasks such as gathering,
indexing, filtering, retrieving and ranking information from
collections wherein a subset has been manipulated maliciously. On the
Web, the predominant form of such manipulation is “search engine
spamming” or spamdexing, i.e., malicious attempts to influence the
outcome of ranking algorithms, aimed at getting an undeserved high
ranking for some items in the collection.

We solicit both full and short papers on any aspect of adversarial
information retrieval on the Web. Particular areas of interest
include, but are not limited to:

* Link spam
* Content spam
* Cloaking
* Comment spam
* Spam-oriented blogging
* Click fraud detection
* Reverse engineering of ranking algorithms
* Web content filtering
* Advertisement blocking
* Stealth crawling
* Malicious tagging
* Ping spam

Proceedings of the workshop will be included in the ACM Digital
Library. Full papers are limited to 8 pages; work-in progress will be
permitted 4 pages. Papers should be formatted using the WWW2008
proceedings style and submitted via

For more information, see


Last year we introduced a novel element at the workshop: a Web Spam
Challenge for testing web spam detection systems. We will be holding
the Web Spam Challenge again this year, using the WEBSPAM-UK2007
collection for Web Spam Detection

The collection includes large set of web pages, a web graph, and
human-provided labels for a set of hosts. We will also provide a set
of features extracted from the contents and links in the collection,
which may be used by the participant teams in addition to any
automatic technique they choose to use.

We ask that participants of the Web Spam Challenge submit predictions
(normal/spam) for all unlabeled hosts in the collection. Predictions
will be evaluated and results will be announced at the AIRWeb 2008

For more information, see


– 15 February 2008: E-mail intention to submit a workshop paper
  (optional, but helpful)
– 02 March 2008: Deadline for workshop paper submissions (all day
– 24 March 2008: Notification of acceptance of workshop papers
– 31 March 2008: Challenge submissions due
– 07 April 2008: Camera-ready copy due
– 22 April 2008: Date of workshop



– Carlos Castillo, Yahoo! Research
– Kumar Chellapilla, Microsoft Live Labs
– Dennis Fetterly, Microsoft Research

Program Committee

– Einat Amitay, IBM
– Andras Benczar, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
– Paul-Alexandru Chiri, Uni Hannover
– James Caverlee, Texas A&M University
– Gordon Cormack, University of Waterloo
– Nick Craswell, Microsoft Research
– Matt Cutts, Google
– Brian Davison, Lehigh University
– Ludovic Denoyer, University Paris 6
– Aaron D’Souza, Google
Edel Garcia, Mi
– Natalie Glance, Nielsen BuzzMetrics
– Antonio Gulli,
– Zoltan Gyongyi, Stanford University
– Monika Henzinger, Google
– Pranam Kolari, Yahoo! Applied Research
– Mark Manasse, Microsoft Research
– Marc Najork, Microsoft Research
– Alexandros Ntoulas, Microsoft Search Labs
– Jan Pedersen, Yahoo! Search
– Erik Selberg, Amazon
– Torsten Suel, Polytechnic University
– Mike Thelwall, University of Wolverhampton
– Baoning Wu, Snap
– Tao Yang,