This thursday the 21st I’ll be presenting before the faculty of University of Turabo, Gurabo, PR the talk:

Web Mining, Search Engines, and Information Security

I hope to see old friends there. Here is the abstract of my talk:

Web Mining is a research area of Data Mining wherein the Web is the “database” and search engines are the “user’s interface”. End-users can resource to search engines for all sorts of things. For instance, marketers can use search engines to gain traffic derived from ranking high Web pages for specific queries, hence enhancing the online presence of businesses, products, and services (search engine optimization, SEO). Spammers can inundate search engine indexes to deceive searchers (spamdexing). Hackers can attempt to rank high documents that lead to security risks (hacketers, hacketering) or use all form of injections (links, forms, scripts, redirections, etc). Terrorists and criminals can use search engines to commit all sort of crime-enabling activities, for instance, by stealing private information like SSNs, passwords, students and users’s IDs, gaining access to “private” documentation, stalking people, etc.

This talk covers these and other aspects of search engines: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The speaker will then talk about his own research projects in the area of Web Mining, Search Engines, and Intelligence. A disclaimer will be necessary to indicate that the information to be presented is for educational purposes only.