Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow, sent me the Call for Participation given below. Looking at the key speakers, I see that the great Amit Singhal, from Google will be there. These days when many marketers are busy trying to manipulate PageRank through nofollow gymnastics, they all miss the bigger picture and the work of the faces behind it.

I wish I can be at ECIR.

ECIR 2008 Tutorial – Researching and building IR applications using Terrier

This tutorial introduces the main design of a large-scale IR system, and uses the Terrier platform as an example of how one should be built. We detail the architecture and data structures of Terrier, as well as the weighting models included, and describe, with examples, how Terrier can be used to perform experiments and extended to facilitate new research and applications.

Handouts containing slides, a Terrier “crib sheet”, and detailed
examples of implementations of common research problems will be
provided, in addition to a bibliography of informative related papers.

For more details, see

Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow, UK
Ben He, University of Glasgow, UK