From time to time rumors spread of the black cloud of Microsoft over Yahoo!; i.e., of Microsoft buying Yahoo!. This time things are less cloudy, especially now that Yahoo! is about to cut jobs.

Early this year, Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo!, wrote:

“Sure, there would be cultural problems, integration challenges, and many people who’d likely walk. But at the end of the day, Microsoft would end up with a much larger set of online services, a better advertising network, and people who know how to build, brand, and market web stuff that people actually use.”

Talking about clouds:

A student asked me about some SEOs claiming that text tag clouds are a kind of LSI technology.

Pure non sense coming from many SEOs, as usual.

These clouds are easy to construct. No LSI is needed:

1. Sort terms from a document or lookup list by frequencies.
2. Normalize frequencies to run between the 0,1 interval.
3. Use normalized frequencies as parameters to be passed as font sizes.

For pizzaz, store terms into array to be sorted or randomized and or use some CSS.

We can do the same with hit counts assigned to blog categories, links, etc. No special technology is needed.