My binary similarity calculator is officially online.

The calculator was designed to compute similarity measures between any two binary strings of identical length. To use the calculator users must be familiar with Data Mining and similarity analysis. Read the instructions. Since strings are treated as vectors, the tool also works as a vector analyzer.

Who could benefit from this tool?


IR/Statistic teachers, students, and researchers can use this calculator for classroom demonstrations or to compare results or exams of the Right (1), Wrong (0) type.


Investigators and testers can use it to examine possible cases of duplicated content, fraud, or plagiarism.


Marketing and sales executives can use the tool to score consumers’ satisfaction questionnaires of the Yes (1), No (0) type.

Business Intelligence Analysts

Analysts can use it to extract patterns and correlations from polls, surveys, and similar intelligence instruments.

09-30-2016 Update: The tool is available now at