Mr. Nick Yorchak from Fusionbox and an alleged SEO “expert” has written this article about LSI, which perpetuates myths and wrong statements about LSI, similar to those claimed by Mr. Aaron Wall at this SearchEngineJournal article, and by Valerie DiCarlo in this unfortunate article.

Mike Duz has written a quick rebuttal to Yorchak.

Wishful Thinking: Let us hope that in 2008 SEOs learn how SVD works so they stop spreading misinformation about what is LSI.

To learn about SEO misconceptions regarding LSI, check my tutorial series on the topic, starting with

Tutorial 1: Understanding SVD and LSI

Fortunately, more and more SEOs, like Andy Beal here ( and Melissa Fach here (, are realizing what is not LSI.

BTW, here is an “invitation” issued by Mike Grehan and me back in July, 2007: A Call to SEOs Claiming to Sell LSI.