According to a DarkReading report IRSeek is a start-up designed to target hackers and their IRC anonymous chat activities. Hacking the hackers?

The report states:

“Hackers favor IRC because it allows them to protect their identities and cover their tracks. But a new search engine startup called IRSeek is now calling those features into question…”

“This could all be bad news for hackers, who don’t want their conversations indexed or searchable by nickname. While they could partially beat the system by simply changing their nicknames frequently, hackers may eventually feel that IRSeek threatens their anonymity, and ultimately, their privacy.”

Here is more on the topic.

Well, this can be fun to watch/test for those that conduct Web Mining for security purposes.

Meanwhile, according to a CNN report Search Engine-based hacking attacks are on the rise and becoming a preferred targeting method. This includes link-based spam, polymorphic JavaScript scripts also referred to as “Polyscripts”, and or combined with dark marketing practices. Here is a Top 10 List to watch.

1. Phishing
2. Malicious link injections through forums, blogs to rank high in search engines.
3. Attackers use Web’s ‘weakest links’ to launch attacks.
4. Compromised Web sites will surpass number of created malicious sites.
5. Cross-platform Web attacks .
6. Web 2.0-based attacks.
7. Polymorphic JavaScripts, designed to evade anti-virus scanners.
8. Data concealment methods.
9. Key hacker groups.
10.Vishing and voice spam.

Hackers + Spammers + Crook marketers/SEOs = What A Killer Combination. Compromised sites ranking high means trapping more users in the mess. I wonder how many of the folks from the seophere are involved and making few bucks. The usual suspects?

Perhaps not all are real SEOs, but as we say in Spanish: “Ante la duda, saluda.”

Here is a nice one: Hacking Duke University to rank high via link injection

And some how related, how about cracking passwords with Google?

Welcome to an-on-the-rise new breed:

Hacketers = Hackers + Marketers

PS. I coined the name after noticing with the Levenshtein Edit Distance Calculator that it only requires of two edits between hacketers and marketers.

Heh, Heh. Apparently “peer” pressure forced IRSeek to shutdown. Nevertheless, it is still a great concept: I wonder how many of these mole  projects are in place all over the Web. Check the whole deadpool story here: