I have the honor of being “referenced” by Lau Patrick from ETH’s Databases and Information Systems Group in the manuscript Algorithms for Data Base Systems Report to the topic “Abusing Web Search” based on “A web based kernel function for measuring the similarity of short text snippets”.

Interesting project. I can even recognize some figures and examples of the manuscript taken from my document indexing tutorial,

In particular, Figure 1 of the tutorial, shown in the manuscript as Figure 2. No link to the tutorial was provided, but to a different document at Mi Islita. That’s fine, since I referenced that my Figure 1 is a modification from the one at  


At least they should have given credit to Ruthven and Lalmas to avoid allegations of student plagiarism.

Memo to Thomas Hofmann (Google), Donald Kossmann, and Peter Widmayer from http://www.dbis.ethz.ch/education/ss2007/07_dbs_algodbs/:

Please! Better than talking about Web search abuse, similarity of text, and duplicated content, let’s talk about lack of originality and properly referenced work.