When is local relevancy irrelevant to locals? In other words, when is local not important to locals?

That depends on whom you ask. For instance, at times news relevant to a location are not known by locals because of manipulation by media moguls. When globals know more than locals about local news you know that something is not working right.

Here are two examples related with Puerto Rico:

1. The Seven-Up Prime Time Scam

Two days ago, news circulated across the Web about a half billion spam email assault with messages recommending you get in on the ground floor of a little U.S. convenience store company that is expanding into Puerto Rico.

Few locals know about this oversized spam scam.

2. First BanCorp-SEC settlement

The other news is about the SEC investigation into Doral Bank and First BanCorp which resulted in a $8.5 M settlement against the later.

According to Reuters

“Doral was Puerto Rico’s largest mortgage lender before accounting problems forced it to restate 2000-to-2004 results. The SEC fined Doral $25 million in September for overstating pretax earnings by $921 million for that period.

First BanCorp, headquartered in San Juan, in September, also restated results for the same five-year period. On Monday, it said a court had preliminarily approved settlement of a shareholder class-action lawsuit against it for $74.25 million.”

Funny that these newstories were not highlighted by media moguls in Puerto Rico and that most locals know little about it. The same happened several times before when the FDA fined local pharmaceutical companies. “Locals” heard little about these companies trickery, most from the U.S. and Europe.

Those SEOs that tried to target locals by optimizing for keywords related to these local news were wasting their time.

That’s why when I want to know about important local news, I often need to resource to global sources since here in the Island local news is all about manipulating locals.

I’m sure this phenomenon is not unique to Puerto Rico. It can be observed also in European countries and third-world countries –even at the level of States. Those at the White House or the Congress probably are more aware about things relevant to Arizona or California than residents from those states.

Indeed, local relevant content is a relative concept.