The list of subscribers to IRWatch is growing at fast pace. One of our recent subscribers is a developer at WCC, makers of ELISE Smart Search & Match. This seems to be a quite interesting technology. I highly recommend readers to visit their site

I have read WCC’s CEO paper, Peter Went, describing what they do over at WCC. Quite interesting. He is right on target when he says:

“There is no denying that, in most search circumstances, there exists a core human element such as preference or prejudice which plays a significant role in determining the outcome of the search. For example, a study found that when using a dating site, most respondents used the same type of words to describe themselves, or to express what they would like to find in a potential mate. These included words such as “nice,” “honest,” “social,” and “funny.” The problem then becomes one of overuse – if everyone is using the same words to describe themselves, how do you determine who would make a proper match? And do our innate, perhaps even subconscious, preferences play a role in the results we get? “

Same applies to other fields. For instance, SEO/SEM companies use almost the same words to describe themselves, or to convince prospective customers they are different from their competitors (Ah, the ironies of marketing).

To illustrate, look at all those crook marketers/spammers that know little about LSI, but still try to promote their images and companies by claiming to sell LSI, LSI-like, or “LSI-based” services to naive customers. They all tend to use the same words to “explain” what they don’t understand at all.

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