I have the pleasure of learning about Dr. Jon Morris, Professor at the University of Florida and CEO of ADSAM. He specializes in Emotional Response Modeling. His company is at the leading edge of the field and has incredible research articles and studies applied to advertising and marketing. I highly recommend those interested in emotional adverstising to read about his work.

He sent me few research articles worth a study session. Here is one. I have added emphasis to some terms I feel somehow convey a key message.

Morris, J.D., Villegas, J., Gold, M.C., Frost-Pineda, K., Woo, C., Ferris, C.E. (2004) (j); Biological Psychiatry, 55(8S), 242. (SCI Journal) 

“The Role of Emotions in the Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Public Service Announcements.”

“PSAs were gathered from the ONDCP’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and Drug-Free America. Over forty ads were screened by a panel of four experts in mass communications, including professors and graduate students in the discipline. They coded the ads using four scales: The Perceived Message Sensation Value Scale (Palmgreen, Stephenson, Everett, Baseheart and Francies 2002), Provocation Scale (Pelsmaker and Bergh 1996), and Informational/Transformational Scale (Wells and Puto 1984). Experts narrowed the number of ads to the best four that represented high perceived message sensation value, high provocation, informational and transformational. The following messages were chosen:

Provocative: “Egg” is a revised version of the “This is your brain on drugs” commercials. Rachel Leigh Cook smashes a kitchen to smithereens to show the effects of drugs on a person’s life.

High sensation value: “Skateboarding” shows a professional skateboarder as he executes some daring, fastpaced moves to show that if he used drugs, he would be unable to do his maneuvers.
Informational: “Coroner” shows a real coroner reading his detailed report of an autopsy of a young woman who died because of an overdose of ecstasy.

Transformational: “Derek Jeter” features the Yankees baseball star. He tells the audience that he is going to show an anti drug message, which is a collage of his great plays that would not have been possible with drugs.”

Brilliant research!

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