Dr. Ellen Voorhees, over at TREC, a NIST.gov dependency, sent me the TREC 2008 Call for Papers.

If you are a colleague feel free to submit or forward to your college faculty –across depts/disciplines.

From: Ellen Voorhees
Subject: TREC friends: TREC invites proposals for tracks to run in TREC 2008

A Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) workshop consists of a set of “tracks”, areas of focus in which particular retrieval tasks are defined. For example, the TREC 2007 workshop has seven tracks including blog (information finding within a blog corpus), enterprise (information finding in an enterprise), genomics (information finding within the specific domain of genomic researchers), legal (legal discovery in the age of electronic documents), million query (are many incompletely judged queries more effective for system evaluation than fewer more completely judged queries?), QA (question answering), and spam (detecting spam in email streams). The TREC program committee selects the set of tracks that constitute a particular TREC based on track proposals.

Proposals for tracks to be run in TREC 2008 are now being solicited
and must be received by September 17. Details about the procedure
for proposing TREC tracks can be found at
The TREC PC has a special interest in receiving proposals for user-based tasks that can be implemented in the TREC environment.

Ellen Voorhees
TREC project manager