DARPA Agent Markup language (DAML) site has tons of tools and resources CS/IR graduate students and SEM/SEO practitioners with some IR knowledge can use for data mining purposes. These can help with nice experiments, from ontology-based keyword discovery to the construction of crawlers (or at least really learn how these actually work).

Here is a list of resources.

My favorite is the list of tools, which includes DARPA and handy third party tools.

Here is a list of tools, organized by categories:

Category Tool
Agent Infrastructure CoABS Grid
Agent Infrastructure Cognitive Agent Architecture (Cougaar)
Agent Infrastructure Open Agent Architecture (OAA)
Annotation Annotea
Annotation MnM
Annotation Ontomat
Annotation Trellis
Application Server Racoon
Application Server Spectacle:Server
Application Server Zope
Compiler Jikes
DAML Annotation AeroDAML
DAML Browser DAML Markup Tool
DAML Browser DAML Mozilla sidebar
DAML Browser DAML Sidebar
DAML Browser HyperDAML
DAML Browser OntoDoc
DAML Browser Spectacle:Server
DAML Crawler DAML Crawler
DAML Crawler RDF Crawler
DAML Crawler scutter
DAML Editor DAML Emacs Mode
DAML Graph Visualization DAML VisuaLinks
DAML Graph Visualization Fenfire Loom
DAML Graph Visualization IsaViz
DAML Graph Visualization Object Viewer
DAML Graph Visualization RDF Model Browser
DAML Graph Visualization SemTalk
DAML Graph Visualization VisioDAML
DAML Markup tool Semantic Markup, Ontology and RDF Editor (SMORE)
DAML Transformation DAML/XSLT Adapter
DAML Validator DAML Validator
DAML Viewer BrownSauce
DAML Viewer DAML Viewer
DAML Viewer PalmDAML
DAML Viewer Spectacle:Server
Database Interface dbview
Database Management System MySQL
Database Management System Sleepycat Berkeley DB
EMail Archive Hypermail
EMail List Manager Majordomo
Export OWL Converter
GPS API Chaeron Global Positioning System (GPS) Library
Graph Visualization GraphViz
Graph Visualization Grappa
Graph Visualization IHMC Concept Mapping Software
Graph Visualization JGraph
Graph Visualization JViews
Graph Visualization MonarchGraph
Graph Visualization Tom Sawyer Graph Layout/Editor Tools
Graph Visualization TouchGraph
HTML Screen Scraper Compaq’s Web Language (WebL)
HTML Screen Scraper RDF Web Scraper
HTML Screen Scraper World Wide Web Wrapper Factory (W4F)
HTTP Cache WWW Offline Explorer (WWWOFFLE)
Import Excel to RDF converter
Import PDDL to DAML Translator
Import RDF Web Scraper
Import Uml2Daml Converter
Import Unicorn System
Import XML Schema to DAML Translator
Inference Engine Bossam – A Web-Oriented Rule Processor
Inference Engine Cerebra
Inference Engine CLIPS
Inference Engine CommonRules
Inference Engine cwm
Inference Engine drools
Inference Engine Euler proof mechanism
Inference Engine Fast Classification of Terminologies (FaCT)
Inference Engine FLORA-2
Inference Engine F-OWL
Inference Engine Hoolet
Inference Engine InferEd
Inference Engine Java Expert System Shell (JESS)
Inference Engine Java Theorem Prover (JTP)
Inference Engine Metalog
Inference Engine OpenCyc
Inference Engine Otter
Inference Engine OWLEngine
Inference Engine Pellet
Inference Engine PowerLoom
Inference Engine RACER
Inference Engine RDF Gateway
Inference Engine Sesame
Inference Engine Simple Logic-based RDF Interpreter (SiLRI)
Inference Engine SRI’s New Automated Reasoning Kit (SNARK)
Inference Engine Surnia
Inference Engine SweetJess
Inference Engine SWI Prolog
Inference Engine TRIPLE
Inference Engine Vampire
Inference Engine XSB
Interactive Development Environment eclipse
Knowledge Base OpenCyc
Map Toolkit OpenMap
Middleware Bridge J-Integra
Network Sniffer Ethereal
Ontology Analyzer Chimaera
Ontology Analyzer ConsVISor
Ontology Analyzer DAML+OIL Ontology Checker
Ontology Browser OntoRama
Ontology Editor DAML+OIL Plugin for Protege 2000
Ontology Editor DAML UML Enhanced Tool (DUET)
Ontology Editor ezOWL
Ontology Editor Medius Visual Ontology Modeler
Ontology Editor OilEd
Ontology Editor OntoEdit
Ontology Editor Ontolingua
Ontology Editor OWL Plugin for Protege 2000
Ontology Editor Protege
Ontology Editor Unicorn System
Ontology Library OntoMap.org
Ontology Library SchemaWeb
Ontology Management System Semantic Network Ontology Base (SNOBASE)
Ontology Translation Articulation Service
Ontology Translation Lexicon-Based Ontology Mapping Tool
Ontology Translation OntoMerge
Ontology Visualization dumpont
OWL Browser Semantic Web Ontology Overview and Perusal (SWOOP)
OWL Editor OWL Emacs Mode
OWL Editor OWL Filetype Plugin for VIM
OWL Validator OWL Ontology Validator
OWL Validator OWL Validator
PalmOS utilities PDBcruncher
Performance Analysis JProbe
Performance Analysis Quantify
Persistence 3store
Persistence DAML DB
Persistence Jena
Persistence Kowari
Persistence ParkaSW
Persistence RDF Gateway
Persistence RDFLib
Persistence RDF-Source related Storage System (RDF-S3)
Persistence Sesame
Persistence Tucana KnowledgeStore (TKS)
Presentation Tools SlideMaker
Programming Language Fabl
Programming Language Python
Programming Language Water
Query 3store
Query Kowari
Query RDF Data Query Language (RDQL)
Query RDF Gateway
RDBMS Mapping D2RQ
RDBMS Mapping Unicorn System
RDF/DAML Authoring RDF Instance Creator (RIC)
RDF Authoring InferEd
RDF Browser RDFX: A Resource Description Framework Explorer
RDF Editor MR3
RDF Parser Another RDF Parser (ARP)
RDF Parser DAML dotnetAPI
RDF Parser Drive
RDF Parser ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser (VRP)
RDF Parser Jena
RDF Parser Jena Location Modification
RDF Parser Raptor
RDF Parser RDF API for PHP (RAP)
RDF Parser RDF I/O (Rio)
RDF Parser RDFLib
RDF Parser RDF Parser Toolkit (repat)
RDF Parser Redland
RDF Parser Sesame
RDF Parser Simple RDF Parser And Compiler (SiRPAC)
RDF Parser Source and Dynamic Loading Extensions for Jena
RDF Parser Thea RDF Parser
RDF Parser VicSoft.Rdf Parser
RDF Parser Wilbur RDF Toolkit
RDF Query Algae
RDF Query Easy RDF Query Language (eRQL)
RDF Query Jena
RDF Query Rudolf Squish
RDF Query Sesame
RDF Query Versa
RDF Storage rdfDB
RDF Storage RDFStore
RDF Transformation RDF Twig
RDF Transformation RX4RDF
RDF Transformation TreeHugger
Remote Access WinVNC
Report Generation Webscripter
Search Engine DAML Semantic Search Service
Search Engine Lucene
Search Engine Semantic Query Interface in Restricted English (SQIRE)
Search Engine Simple Web Indexing System for Humans — Enhanced (SWISH-E)
Search Engine Webinator
Secure Shell Client F-Secure SSH Client
Secure Shell Client PuTTY
Security OpenSSL
Text Editor GNU Emacs
Text Editor vim
Text Editor XEmacs
Thesaurus Construction MultiTes
Topic Map Browser Omnigator 007
UML Editor ArgoUML
UML Editor Poseidon
UML Editor Rational Rose
UML Editor Telelogic Tau UML Suite
Version Control Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
WWW browser Amaya
WWW browser Mozilla
WWW browser Opera
WWW server Apache
WWW Site Statistics Perl WebStats
XML Editor RDFedt
XML Editor Stylus Studio
XML Editor XML Spy
XML Parser Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP)
XML Parser XML Parser Toolkit (expat)
XML Schema API Castor
XML Schema API Oracle XML Schema Processor
XML Schema API Sun XML Datatypes Library
XML Schema Validator XML Schema Validator (XSV)
XSLT xalan