Omaya Sosa Pascual over at El Nuevo Dia published (07/22/07) an Interview with Vint Cerf, while he was visiting Puerto Rico during the ICANN Public Meeting. As the newspaper, the interview is in Spanish. I have the priviledge of attending the talk Dr. Cerf delivered before the Law School of University of Puerto Rico.

I have in my notes that he mentioned that ARPANET started in September of 1969 with just one node and by December of that year they have 4 nodes.

Known as the co-inventor of the Internet (Sorry, Al Gore!) he is still strong at his 64.

The interview is like a timeline of the monster he co-invented with Bob Kahn. It’s a pretty long interview, with audio and everything. One that we all should read. Here is a succinct discussion (any inaccuracy, please take your issue to the newspaper as I’m just summarizing what they wrote):


Cerf says that the Internet had already a predecesor in ARPANET with its WAPSN or ‘wide area packet switching network’ and that back in the days of ARPANET they already have email, timeshared computers, and even hyper links as in the Web.

He says that by May of 1973 Bob Metcalfe invented the Ethernet, around the same time he and Kahn were working on building the Internet.


Vint creates MCI Mail.


He leaves MCI to start with Kahn CNRI (Corporation of National Research Initiative).


Cerf mentions that he started to push for the idea of making the Internet available to the World, but that many of his colleages didn’t like the idea. That year he asked the U.S. Government for permission to add MCI email to the Internet.


In the Summer of that year, he integrated MCI Mail to the Internet, but other competitors like CompuServe, Timenet, Telemail, and others raised their voice on the issue –so they integrated these as well. By this year there were at least 3 commercial Internet companies in the U.S. That year Tim Berners-Lee working at CERN conceived the World Wide Web (The Web).

Note added and not in the interview: According to a Wikipedia page:

“Lee saw an opportunity to join hypertext with the Internet: “I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the TCP and DNS ideas and — ta-da! — the World Wide Web.” He wrote his initial proposal in March of 1989, and in 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau, produced a revision which was accepted by his manager, Mike Sendall. He used similar ideas to those underlying the Enquire system to create the World Wide Web, for which he designed and built the first web browser and editor (called WorldWideWeb and developed on NEXTSTEP) and the first Web server called httpd (short for HyperText Transfer Protocol daemon).”

Lee is now considered the Father of the Web (in a certain way, a kind of graph written on that huge blackboard that is the Internet)

Cerf mentions that no matter the place he is always connected to “the Net”.

The rest of the interview is a really nice piece about the man behind the title of Co-Father of the Internet (with Bob Kahn). He even talks about the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, an integration initiative to interconnect the Caribbean Region through infrastructure.