I just came from ICANN. Yesterday I attended Paul Twomey and Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Evangelist presentations at the Law School of University of Puerto Rico. Very inspiring talks. A lot of representatives from ICANN were present.

Twomey is ICANN’S CEO and Cerf is considered by many one of the fathers of the Internet.

They briefly reviewed the history of the Internet and how the ARPANET started back in Sept 1969 with just 1 node. Then in December of that year they have 4 nodes. This is how ARPANET developed into the Internet.

 They mentioned how by 1989 it finally became commercially available.

Cerf mentioned how greed, money, lawyers, technology, social values, and users merged into that monster known as the Internet and its subset, the Web.

He also mentioned that when some used to charge a dollar per email spam was almost inexistent.

In his way out Cerf kindly shaked my hand. What an honor. I was  just so thankful for being before so much greatness.

Then the speakers moved back to their heavily loaded agenda and back to Puerto Rico Conventions Center.

On a side note…

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