Ever wonder how to conduct data mining from end user locations? This is easier to do than you think.

At Mi Islita we have been testing for a while a redirection mechanism that collects directory and file path information from end users. Our goals are:

(a) to illustrate that on the Web privacy is an illusion.
(b) to conduct data mining from user’s behaviors.

The mechanism is triggered only when a user is online and tries to access one of our web pages from a location other than http://www.miislita.com.

URL location data is collected and passed to a third party logger, which also logs users IP, DNS, Whois, geolocation data, referrers, ISPs, # visits, # page views, browser version, JavaScript state, etc.

When triggered, the mechanism allows us to collect the following intelligence:

– if users have a saved copy of the page(s).
– how many attempts per sessions were used to access the page.
– in which local driver the page was saved.
– if users try to access the copy while online and when.
– the directory and file paths used to save the copied page.
– keywords placed in the directory and file paths.
– if users try to use Google online translator to access a page.

Mining the naming conventions used by end user with directory and file paths sheds some light about their inclinations, preferences, and personalities.

None of this information is available when the third party tool alone is used, so we believe we have improved the capabilities of that product. In principle, the experiment can be conducted with any third party logger.