With the catchy title, SEO Is Dead. Long Live, er, the Other SEO, once again, my friend Mike Grehan has a great ClickZ column wherein he comments on Google and ASK new approaches to satisfy users’ information needs.

He ends the article as follows:

“All I ask now is that we get rid of this stupid search engine marketing/search engine optimization nomenclature that persists in this industry.”

“We just moved one step forward in search, and it deserves a fresh description given by real marketers. Eisenbergs, are you listening?”

“I’ve run out of space again. I’ll come back to the stupidity of the latent semantic indexing issue in my next column.”

Grehan is right on target.

This dumb SEM/SEO nomenclature is caduque. Here are some candidate titles, assuming we want to avoid any word with the ‘search’ stem:

web marketers
internet marketing analysts
web marketing specialists
internet marketers

How many other candidate titles you can think of? Try also by keeping ‘search’, but avoiding any word with the ‘market’ stem.

I’m hesitant to include words with the ‘research’ stem for personal convictions.

Some might think that the whole idea of renaming SEMs/SEOs is just silly. Either way, what do you think?

Mike, regarding the last sentence in reference to LSI (perhaps as perceived by SEOs?),… Please do so.