I’m building a client-side suite of text mining tools for extracting intelligence from text files, Web pages, and email documents.  It comes in four versions: basic,  intermediate,  advance,  and pro. The basic version provide the following reports:

linearization – markup removal

tokenization – punctuation removal

filtration – stopwords removal

sorting – randomness removal

deduplication – dupes removal

The intermediate version is like the basic, but scores term weights of survival terms using a variety of weight scales.  It also generates specific term weight reports. 

The advance version is like the intermediate, but creates a matrix out of results.  It creates also a report.

The pro version is like the intermediate, but can be instructed to extract specific business intelligence data.   Many reports are created, depending on what you are gattering.

All good and a great pet project, but I wasn’t sure about how to call it.  I wanted to use a catchy name with some pizzaz. I didn’t want to use a slangy or too teckie name. 

Few minutes of brainstorming led me to resource to all kind of metaphores.

Then I realized that conducting data mining for business intelligence is not any different from paparazzies chasing down their superstar victims.  So along came this name: