Here are some great news:

1. I am getting ready for my presentation at the Intektel International Conference and Expo. I am presenting the second day of the conference on “The Impact of Search Engines in the Internet”.

2. Next week we have the ARIN Conference (American Registry of Internet Numbers) in Puerto Rico, and in June we have also in San Juan, PR the 29th ICANN Conference. WOW!

3. Taschuk Morgan has written an excellent Honour Thesis in which kindly references our tutorial on Cosine Similarity and Term Weights. Morgan writes:


I contacted you on January 30, 2007, thanking you for your tutorial on Cosine Similarity and Term Weights, and told you that I would reference you in my Honours Thesis. I am proud to say that the thesis is done, and is available online at:

“This is the citation: Taschuk, Morgan. 2007. A Hybrid Knowledge-based/Content-based Recommender System in the Bluejay Genome Browser. Honours thesis, University of Calgary.”

“Thank you again for your helpful tutorial!”

I browsed through the thesis and frankly is a brilliant piece. Best of all, it is a practical and useful project and superb for others to expand on.

Congrats, Taschuk.  We will be referencing it in our index page.

4.  A “Thank You” to all of you that have subscribed recently to IRW – The Newsletter.

This is a legacy post originally published on 4/10/2007