The goal of IR Watch – The Newsletter is to disseminate recent advances, research, and news from the information retrieval world. The current issue (IRW-2007-5) is a summary of my presentation at the OJOBuscador Congress 2 (March 8, 9 – Madrid, Spain),

Demystifying LSI for SEOs.

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 2007 Issues

 IRW-2007-5: Demystifying LSI for SEOs

IRW-2007-4: Intellectual Property Searches

IRW-2007-3: Research Videos Relevant to LSI

IRW-2007-2: Understanding EF-Ratios

IRW-2007-1: Query Reformulations: How do Users Search?

2006 Issues

IRW-2006-12: C-Indices and Keyword-Brand Associations

IRW-2006-11: Cluster Analysis for Search Engine Marketers

IRW-2006-10: SEOs and Latent Semantic Indexing

IRW-2006-9: Latent Semantic Indexing Resources