While working on Part 1 of the math tutorial I was asked to define “blogonomies”, a term I like to use in reference to an interesting social blog behavior.

Well, I have other definitions, equally interesting and worth a study: “blogorrhea” and “linkphilis

I call “blogonomies” the dissemination of false knowledge through blogs and “blogorrhea” when a false concept is promoted for profit.

A blogonomy can be the result of ignorance or speculations; nothing that a damage control campaign can fix to save face. I have seen many of these in some blogs and discussion forums.

While not a requirement, an outbreak of “blogorrhea” can be observed when a blogospheric “burst” is the result of a blogonomy.

Spreading a blogonomy by means of not using a “link condom” leads to “linkphilis”. It is a condition observed when the spreading agents are link spammers posing as respected bloggers or reputed experts.

At times, all these can be observed at once. A good example can be found in the so-called “keyword density” concept promoted by some search engine marketers.

This is a legacy post originally published in 7/3/2006