Welcome to the new home of IR Thoughts, Mi Islita.com blog about news, papers, and theses relevant to information retrieval, data mining, and search engine technologies. This blog replaces the version over at http://www.miislita.com.

Why a new home for IR Thoughts?

I’ve several reasons for hosting the current blog with a free service like WordPress.

I’m designing a grad course on data mining and search engines for a local university. This involves reviewing of candidate textbooks and the design of lab experiments from scratch. I’ve been asked to teach the course, too.

In addition, I’m trying to organize a local conference on Data Mining and Search Engines for the end of this year. All this takes away time from me at Mi Islita, which in turns means that I would need a blog wherein I don’t have to worry about technical troubleshooting, maintenance, and support.

I’ve also some reasons for not hosting the blog with the current ISP. Saddly to say, they don’t seem to have acceptable technical support for blogs. This might explain several connection problems experienced by some of my readers from all over the World.

For burocratic reasons, I prefer not to host at this time with the university. Since I decided long ago switching to a better blog system, why not use a recognizable (and free) service like WordPress?

All this motivated me to have a blog somewhere in the blogosphere, but with a minimum of maintenance. For those interested in legacy posts, just contact me to see if I can help.

Why not hosting my WordPress blog in-house and keep the traffic, anyway? Well, I can do that at any time, but let shut for a 12-month test drive and we go from there.  Anyway, site traffic is not an issue for those conducting IR research. If some have better ideas -like donating me hosting space- let me know.

Enjoy the ride.


Dr. E. Garcia